Match your Wyndham Diamond status back to Caesars Rewards now!

Last month, I detailed the importance of matching your Caesars Rewards Diamond elite status to Wyndham Rewards Diamond status during the month of January.  January is the sweet spot since the Wyndham Rewards elite calendar year ends on December 31, whereas Caesars Rewards doesn't end until January 31.  So for those of you who matched last year, you were downgraded to no status with Wyndham but retained Diamond status with Caesars Rewards for the month of January only.  So if you matched last month, you should currently have Wyndham Diamond status right now and no status with Caesars.  Which means that it's time to match your Wyndham Diamond back to Caesars Diamond to retain those slew of awesome benefits, including zero resort fees, two free monthly shows, and a $100 celebration dinner!

Matching from Wyndham to Caesars takes all but a few seconds:

  1. Go to the status match page
  2. Click on the "I'm a Wyndham Rewards member" Match my Status red icon link on the right side of the page:

Then log into your Caesars Rewards account and enter your Wyndham rewards number.  You should then get this message:

Even though Caesars states that it takes up to 7 business days, in my experience the match happens within a few business days, which is great for those who may be traveling to Vegas or any Caesars property soon.

What if I don't have Wyndham Rewards Diamond status?

If you slept through the month of January and never got around to matching your Caesars Diamond over to Wyndham, you can still get a match to Wyndham Diamond if you hold elite status with the following hotel programs:

Perhaps the easiest option for most people would be to match from IHG Platinum status, which is automatically granted if you hold the IHG Club or Premier credit card, which is currently offering a highest-ever 140,000-point sign up offer.  Marriott Gold and Hilton Gold are also doable pathways as well since Amex Platinum card holders automatically get Gold status with both hotel chains.

Bottom line

Now is the best time to match your existing Wyndham Diamond status back to Caesars Diamond for all those free benefits.  If you've been sitting on this or don't hold Wyndham Diamond status, you could always match from your existing elite status with another hotel group, and then match over to Caesars Diamond.  Well worth the few minutes of work for another year of Caesars Diamond elite status!


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