Match your Caesars Diamond back to Wyndham now!

I've written in the past about how easy it is to attain Caesars Rewards Diamond elite status, which comes with a slew of awesome benefits such as an annual complimentary $100 celebration dinner and two free monthly shows.  For those of you who are Caesars Diamond members, it's time to match your Caesars Diamond back to their partner hotel program, Wyndham Rewards.

Why match back?

So the difference between Caesars and Wyndham is the membership year expiration.  For Wyndham, elite status expires on 12/31/2019, but for Caesars, it's 1/31/2020.  This means that your Wyndham Diamond status would have already expired a couple of days ago unless you actually qualified with stays/nights.  But as Caesars doesn't expire until 1/31/2020, you are still a Caesars Diamond member and can match your status back to Wyndham for another year of Wyndham Diamond status good through 12/31/2020.

Why Wyndham Diamond status matters

After 1/31/2020, you will no longer be a Caesars Diamond member unless you actually qualified with tier points.  But since you'll still be a Wyndham Diamond member, you can once again match your status back to Caesars Diamond through 1/31/2021.  This means that you should be able to enjoy all the benefits again like the $100 celebration dinner, free shows, waived resort fees, etc. for another year.

Rinse and repeat

You were able to rinse and repeat this dual status matching opportunity last year, and it looks like you can again for this year.  I matched my Caesars Diamond back to Wyndham yesterday and immediately got a notification from Wyndham that I was Diamond again.  After 1/31/2020 when my Caesars Diamond expires, I plan on matching my Wydnham Diamon back to Caesars again.

How to match Caesars to Wyndham

To match your current Caesars Diamond to Wyndham, simply go to Caesar's status match page and click on "Match my status" as a Caesars Rewards member.  You'll then be redirected to sign into your existing Wyndham account.  After signing in, they'll ask you for your Caesars account info and then you're good to go!

Bottom line

Historically, the 1/1-1/31 timeframe is the only timeframe as in which you can take advantage of this dual matching opportunity.  Caesars Diamond is particularly valuable on the Vegas Strip, and being able to hold onto it for another year without shelling out a penny is something no one should miss out on.  Since you only have until the end of this month and the programs could close this loophole at any time, it's a good idea to match your Caesars Diamond to Wyndham now instead of waiting later.

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