My experience using the Caesars Diamond 2 monthly free shows

Caesars Rewards Diamond members are given two free monthly shows at their Caesars properties.  The free shows are highly capacity controlled, though they do publish a full list of the available shows, which change monthly.  If you book far enough in advance, you shouldn't have a problem booking your preferred shows, but since I was booking literally the day of, my options were of course limited, and I went for the Bronx Wanderers and the Mac King show.

At the Caesars Rewards desk, you can request vouchers for 2 free shows.  The vouchers do expire in a few days, so only request the vouchers when you know which show you have in mind.  You can, however, book a show far past the voucher's expiration date as the 2 free shows are good for the entire month.  You then bring the vouchers over to the Caesars ticketing desk and the agent checks which free shows are available on your preferred dates, so it is a 2-step process.

The Bronx Wanderers

Unsurprisingly, the free show tickets are mostly for nosebleed seats.  However, as a Diamond member, you still get priority line access and are among the first to be seated.  But since I was flying solo, the usher was able to get me a single seat for the Bronx Wanderers band near the very front.

As their name would imply, the Bronx Wanderers are a band from the Bronx and now perform twice daily at the The LINQ on the Vegas Strip.  Lead musician Vinny Adinolfi and his sons have been together since 2006.  Even as a gold-record producer, Vinny and his sons' band pack quite a show that appeals to audiences of all age groups.  The nosebleed tickets start at around $48, but my seat near the front was valued close to $100.

The Wanderers are definitely a highly interactive band, engaging and encouraging the audience to be off their seats.  They tell a compelling story from their humble beginnings in the Bronx to where they are now, and it was great to meet them personally after the show.

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show show

Since most of the shows are in the evening and I had an evening flight, I had to book an afternoon show the next day in order to make my flight with JetSuiteX.  The Mac King Comedy Magic Show is a child-friendly daytime show featuring an audience-engaging magician at Harrah's Casino on the Vegas Strip.  Unsurprisingly, photography is not allowed for this show.  Though not as awe-inspiring as David Copperfield, Mac King does put on quite a hilarious and fun experience that also appeals to audiences of all ages.

Bottom line

Getting 2 free monthly shows in Vegas thanks to a simple status match to Caesars Diamond is awesome.  You definitely can't go wrong with either the Bronx Wanderers or Mac King, especially since the tickets are free.  For adults, there are also topless shows, comedy shows, and musicals that have pretty good ratings.  You definitely would want to book the more popular shows in advance though as the free tickets are tightly capacity controlled, which can be challenging as you need to receive the vouchers in person at the Caesars Rewards desk.  So for most of us staying in Vegas for only a couple of nights with only a few day's worth of options, you'd probably want to go the Caesars Rewards desk and book your shows at the ticketing office before taking care of anything else.


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