Review: JetSuiteX Oakland to Las Vegas

A couple of months ago, it was possible to essentially get free flights on JetSuiteX by using Blackbird's app with a referral code.  Unfortunately, it looks like Blackbird has closed this "loophole" by no longer allowing the $50 referral credits to be used on JetSuiteX flights and only on actual private charter flights.  Luckily, I was able to book a pair of one-way flights from Oakland to Las Vegas for only $9 after the $50 credit.

The private airport terminal

Much like a private charter plane, JetSuiteX operates out of its own private terminal next to Oakland International Airport.  The check-in process requires just your photo ID and literally takes just one minute.  There's also no security as they only swipe your bag for traces of explosives.  Although you could essentially arrive minutes before your scheduled departure, JetSuiteX does inform you to be at the terminal no later than 20-30 minutes before your departure time.

JetSuiteX check-in "desks"

After checking in, you head directly to the lounge, which has free WiFi, light snacks, Starbucks espresso machines, tea, and water.  It's definitely not up to the scale of your average airport lounge, but good enough considering that you'll only be spending a few minutes here.

The flight

10 minutes before departure time, they called for boarding.  And since there at at most just 30 passengers per flight, boarding is done all at once with no groups or priority boarding.

With the 100 yard walk from the private terminal to the jet, boarding is done literally in minutes.  The seats have about 36 inches of pitch space and 19 inches of width, which is close to domestic first class standards.  Since there are no overhead bins, JetSuiteX allows you to check two bags up to 50 lb at no charge along with whatever carry on that will fit underneath the seat in front of you.

The seating is 1-2 configuration, which works well for both solo travelers and companions.  Since there were 2 adjacent empty seats, I changed from the solo seat to the 2 adjacent seats for more room.  After we hit cruising altitude, the lone flight attendant went around serving complimentary drinks, including free alcoholic beverages, and snacks.  After about 50 minutes of flying, we landed into Las Vegas International Airport and deplaned via another private terminal within minutes.

Bottom line

The touted JetSuiteX experience definitely lives up to its hype as boarding and deplaning is done within minutes.  The fact that you can arrive at your own private terminal 10 minutes before a scheduled departure takes much of the stress out of flying.  Add that to the terminal lounge, large in-flight seating, and complimentary in-flight food and drinks, and you really do get an experience unlike any other.  With their competitive fares, I would definitely choose JetSuiteX over mainline carriers, although their network is definitely limited at the moment.  Go here for a full list of their destinations.


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