Amex Offer for 5x Membership Rewards at Amazon

Amazon is perhaps one of the most difficult retailers to score cashback on, whether it be through spending portals or credit card cashback, which makes sense since the largest online retailer in the world doesn't really need to lure shoppers to their website in the same way that smaller retailers need to.  Fortunately for Amex Membership Rewards credit card holders, there's currently an Amex Offer for 5x MR on Amazon purchases with a limit of 4,000 MR:

The offer is good for Amazon purchases through July 22, 2020, but I would add it now as Amex has been known to limit the number of total enrollees for their offers.  The 5x MR is in addition to your Amex card's normal earnings rate, so you'll be getting 6x on purchases totally up to $400 as the offer is limited to 2,000 bonus additional MR.

As we are all sheltering in place, I would assume that most of us would have no problem spending $400 on Amazon purchases between now and July 22.  But if you're short or want the 2,000 bonus points now, you can always purchase a $400 Amazon gift card, which can in turn be used to purchase anything on Amazon including 3rd party gift cards like Safeway, Uber, Home Depot, etc.  However, if you intend on purchasing merchandise or electronics, then it'd be better to use your Amex card instead of an Amazon gift card that you purchased with this Amex Offer so that'll be covered with Amex's purchase protection benefits like extended warranty and accidental damage/theft protection.

Quick thoughts

This is a great Amex Offer as many of us are spending relentlessly on Amazon these days.  Don't forget to add the Amex Offer to your account online before making your purchase.  Also, keep in mind that Amex Offers are now restricted to one per individual regardless of how many Amex cards the individual has.  However, if you have additional card holders on your Amex account, then the additional members would also be eligible for the Amex Offer despite technically being on the same account.  Don't forget that Amazon also currently has a 20% off promo for select Amex MR card holders, and more members are reportedly being targeted.

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