$300 profit for U.S. Mint purchase - 9:00 am PST on 3/11 only

The U.S. Mint will be releasing a couple of American Eagle 2021 gold coins tomorrow at 9:00 am PST, and the PFS Buyers Club will be paying $200 and $100 guaranteed commissions for purchasing the coins on their behalf.  You may also be able to sell the coins on your own on the secondary market for a higher profit, though this isn't guaranteed.  This is a great opportunity for reselling/commission profit, as well as manufacturing credit card spend and points/miles.

American Eagle Gold Coins to buy

The American Eagle 2021 Gold Proof Four-Coin Set will be selling for $4,410.00 plus $4.95 shipping for a total of $4,414.95.  PFS will pay you $4,615.00 for each Four-Coin Set - for a profit of $200.05 per order.

The American Eagle 2021 One Ounce Gold Coin will be selling for $2,375.00 plus $4.95 shipping for a total $2,379.95.  PFS will pay you $2,480.00 for each One Ounce Gold Eagle coin - for a profit of $100.05 per order.

Resell to PFS for commission

In order to be eligible for commission, you must first have a PFS account, which is free to sign up for (my referral link).  You then need to opt-in to the deal, and confirm if you were able to purchase the gold coin(s) with the order number.  PFS will then give you a prepaid shipping label to print out and send your gold coin(s) to after you receive them in the mail from the U.S. Mint.  The details are outlined on the PFS current deals page.

Since supplies are extremely limited with a household limit of 1 coin, I would recommend going to the U.S. Mint's website early and refreshing the page until the coins become available.  Adding the coin to your cart may be half the battle as you still need to successfully checkout, and the website may experience severe lagging due to overload.  Thus, PFS recommends that you also create a U.S. Mint account now and add a credit card to your account for a speedier process.  Prior to the coins release time, login to your U.S. Mint account and have everything ready to go.

Which credit card to use?

Since the U.S. Mint isn't categorized into any bonus points categories of credit card issuers, it's best to use a card that earns extra points on normal spend like the Chase Freedom/Ink Unlimited, which earns 1.5x Ultimate Rewards (UR) on all purchases.  The Amex Blue Business is also a great card as it earns 2x Membership Rewards (MR) on all purchases.

Bottom line

This is a great deal if you're able to snag an American Eagle Gold Coin.  You may be able to fetch an even higher profit than PFS on the secondary market or eBay, though this of course isn't guaranteed.  The 2021 American Eagle design will be discontinued after this year, so this version may retain considerable collective value over time depending on the price of gold.

From all of us at Flying for Fitness, please stay healthy during this trying time.  We hope you enjoyed this post.  Please consider visiting one of our sponsors by clicking on the advertisements.  Our sponsors pay us for customer visits and help us to keep the lights on.  Thanks!


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