Free $99 Motely Fool membership with Amex Offer, plus earn 15,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards!

American Express currently has an offer for a $99 statement credit when you spend $99+ at The Motely Fool.  The popular Motely Fool Stock Advisor membership typically costs $99 a year with a 30 day refund membership period, so the Amex Offer essentially gets you one year for free.  But it gets better as cashback portals are issuing as high as 15,000 points for new memberships, with the Shop through Chase Freedom Ultimate Rewards (UR) coming out on top with 15,000 UR points for new memberships.  If you don't have a Chase Freedom account, American Airlines AAdvantage Shopping, which is free to sign up for, is offering 14,900 miles.  So you'd essentially be making money with these cashback portals as 15,000 UR is worth at least $150.

What is The Motely Fool?

The Motely Fool has been consistently rated as one of the best stock advice websites providing reliable and factual data.  I have never used it before, but their users seem to mostly happy with their investment results, yielding on average 612% and far outpacing the S&P 500.  And as with any other legitimate investment company, Motely Fool cannot guarantee positive returns.

How to sign up

First, add the Amex Offer to your Amex account.  The Amex Offer appears to be widely targeted, so if you don't see it on one card, check multiple accounts if you have several Amex cards.

Whether you're using the Shop through Chase Freedom UR or the AAdvantage portal, you'll need to sign into your account and go to The Motley Fool page.  Then click on the "Own Your Financial Future. Ongoing" option, which directs you to the $99 Stock Advisor membership.  Be sure not to click away from this site, and use your Amex card with the Amex Offer to get the $99 statement credit and the shopping portal earnings.

Bottom line

Whether you're an investment noob or a veteran, The Motely Fool seems to be a pretty good subscription based service offering sound advice and portfolios with tremendous returns.  And with the $99 Amex Offer, you'll be getting one year of their Stock Advisor membership for free.  Stack that with a cashback portal like Chase Freedom UR, and it'll be like getting 15,000 UR just for signing up for a 1-year membership, which makes it worth it even if you don't use the service.  Since The Motely Fool automatically enrolls you in auto-renew, be sure to disable the renewal feature.

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