Many simultaneous Visa/MasterCard gift card deals

There are currently a bunch of Visa and MasterCard gift card deals, with the potential for essentially free cash without even leaving your seat.

Office Depot/Max online: $15 off one $300 Visa gift card

Via Gift Card Mall online, Office Depot/Max is selling $300 Visa gift cards for $290.95.  The discount is $15 (or 5%), but you'll need to pay a $5.95 purchasing fee.  You still come out on top without needing to go to the store, and trackable USPS shipping is free.  Since this deal is through Gift Card Mall, you unfortunately won't be earning 5x UR (Ultimate Rewards) with the Chase Ink Cash/Plus.

Offer link

  • Expires October 22, 2020.
  • Limit one (1) offer per customer
The math: $300 -$15 discount + $5.95 purchasing fee = $290.95
Card to use: Any for general purchases such as the Chase Unlimited

Office Depot/Max in-store: $15 off $300+ MasterCard gift cards

Office Depot/Max actually doesn't sell MasterCard gift cards in $300 increments in-store, so you'd need to buy at least two gift cards, and thus pay two activation fees, to be eligible for this one.  $200 gift cards come with $5.95 purchasing fees and $100 gift cards come with $4.95 purchasing fees.  But you're actually better off buying two $200 MasterCard gift cards since you'll get 5x UR with the Chase Ink Cash/Plus cards seeing how this purchase is directly with an office supply store.

  • Limit one (1) offer per customer
  • Offer valid 10/18 – 10/24
The math: $200 x2 -$15 discount + $5.95 x2 purchasing fee = $396.90
Card to use: Chase Ink Cash/Plus 5x = 1,985 UR

Staples in-store: no purchasing fee on $200 Visa gift cards

Although you don't come out on top financially this one, this is a great way to maximize 5x UR with the Chase Ink Cash/Plus, especially since there's a limit of five (5) 200 Visa gift cards for a total of $1,000 (5,000 UR).

  • Limit five (5) per customer
  • Offer valid 10/18 – 10/24

Safeway/Vons/Albertsons in-store: $15 off two $100 MasterCard gift cards, $10 off two $50 MasterCard gift cards

You will come out on top with both of Safeway's Just4U coupon offers, seeing how $100 gift card have $5.95 purchasing fees and $50 gift cards have $4.95 purchasing fees.  You can also get 5x UR with the new Chase Freedom Flex card, which gets 5x at grocery stores for the first year.  Or you can get 4x Amex Membership Rewards if you have the Amex Gold card.  Since these are actual digital coupons, you need to clip them on your Safeway app or online Just4U account before purchasing.

  • Limit one (1) per customer of each offer
  • Expires October 31, 2020
The math: $100 x2 -$15 discount + $5.95 x2 purchasing fee = $196.90
Card to use: Chase Freedom Flex 5x = 985 UR
$50 x2 - $10 discount + $4.95 x2 purchasing fee = $99.90
Chase Freedom Flex 5x = 500 UR

Best ways to use Visa and MasterCard gift cards

Visa and MasterCard gift cards can be used wherever Visa and MasterCard debit cards are accepted.  For in-store purchases, they are processed like gift cards so that when the money runs out, you can just pay the rest with another card.  But for a single online purchase, you'll need to make sure that you have the adequate fund on your gift card to complete the purchase.  I personally like Visa gift cards more because they're less prone to fraud and can be used at Costco.  But perhaps the best way to redeem them is for Amazon debit card reloads, which net you an additional 2% value.

Bottom line

I don't think we've seen this many Visa and MasterCard gift card deals running simultaneously amongst the merchants.  Whereas it's not uncommon to see one of them run a special at least once a month, to see both office supply stores and Safeway run similar promos at the same time is great as it'll allow you to max out the offers without being restricted geographically to one merchant.  As always, remember to use a credit card that earns bonus points such as the Chase Ink Cash/Plus at Office Depot/Max and Staples and the Chase Freedom Flex or the Amex Gold at Safeway/Vons/Albertsons.

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