Chart of updated airline change fee eliminations; United and Delta updates

Last month, United Airlines lead the way and surprised us all by permanently eliminating change fees on domestic flights.  All the other U.S. legacy carriers followed suit, with American Airlines surprisingly offering the best policy which allowed you to retain the fare difference for a future flight if your changed flight is cheaper than the one originally booked.  Delta had just stated that they were eliminating change fees for domestic flights with little to no detail on the terms.  But Delta has just clarified their policy, and it's good news:

  • Keep the fare difference as future travel credit if your changed flights are cheaper
  • Elimination of the redeposit fee of $150.00 to cancel an award ticket for all SkyMiles members.
  • Elimination of the reissue fee of $150.00 to change an award ticket for all SkyMiles members.
  • Allowing changes and cancellations on award tickets prior to departure for all SkyMiles members, as changes and cancellations which occur within 72 hours of departure will no longer result in the loss of SkyMiles on domestic award tickets.
In addition, United just added Mexico and the Caribbean to their list of eligible flights without a change fee.  It should be noted that none of the carriers eliminate change fees for Basic Economy tickets.  However, Basic Economy tickets can still be changed without a fee through December 31, 2020 as part of the COVID-19 pandemic waiver.  So as it stands, here's the updated chart of change fees for the five carriers:

Bottom line

It's great to see further clarifications from the carriers that include positive benefits for flyers.  The airline industry is definitely flying through unchartered skies right now, so it's to no one's surprise that policies keep changing to adjust to the times.  The chart above will be updated as the carriers continue to clarify their policies (I'm talking to you, Alaskan).

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