iTunes gift cards now redeemable for Apple products!

Apple has announced today that iTunes gift cards can now be used towards Apple products!  In the past, iTunes gift cards could only be used towards digital purchases in the iTunes store like music, movies, apps, subscriptions etc.  But now, they can also be used towards any hardware that Apple sells, which previously only Apple Store gift cards could do.  So if you're one of the few (or many?) who have accumulated iTunes gift cards over the years collecting dust, you now have the opportunity to redeem them for Macs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, etc.  This is part of Apple's endeavor to consolidate gift card currencies as they have just released their unified "Apple Gift Card".

This is a huge positive change as it essentially elevates the value of iTunes gift cards, which often go on sale for 10-20% under face value at merchants like Costco, Sam's Club, grocery stores, Best Buy, and more.  But as apps and music usually sell for a dollar, many of us have found it challenging to liquidate iTunes gift cards, particularly in higher denominations.  This should no longer be a problem as Apple hardware is anything but cheap.

You can use up to 8 iTunes gift cards are a on single transaction on Apple's website.  And since they're essentially the same as Apple Store gift cards, you can combine a mix of iTunes and Apple Store gift cards for a single purchase.  Conversely, Apple Store gift cards can now also be used for iTunes purchases.  Before, Apple Store gift cards were only redeemable for hardware.

Quick thoughts

It's great to see this awesome change allowing you to redeem both iTunes and Apple gift cards for anything Apple sells.  If you've been unintentionally hoarding iTunes gift cards over the years thanks to those Christmas stocking stuffer gifts, now's your chance to get a new Mac or iPad.  However, I suspect that iTunes gift cards will no longer go on sale as frequently now that Apple has consolidated everything into their new Apple gift card, and the iTunes gift card may become phased out entirely.

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