Ready to travel again? Use this tool to find out where you're allowed to go

The travel industry is slowly getting back on its feet (or knees?) after the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In fact, this past Sunday was the busiest day for air travel since the pandemic began in mid-March, though passenger numbers were still a far-cry compared to figures from the previous year.  If you are like some of the few who are itching to get back onto a plane again in the foreseeable future, then there's a nifty tool that you may be interested in which shows you which countries you're currently allowed to enter.

Developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the tool, named Timatic, displays an interactive global map with color-coded countries.  The color coding is all in shades of blue, with the lightest being non-restrictive, medium as partially restrictive, and the darkest signifying total restriction.  When you click on a country, further details of travel restrictions appear along with the publication date.

Although IATA cannot guarantee the tool's complete accuracy, the information is sourced from the association's partner airlines along with bilateral relations with government agencies worldwide.  The tool is also frequently updated, up to several times each day.

IATA is perhaps best known for its passport and visa requirements tool, which allows you to enter your passport and visa details to check if you're eligible to travel to specific countries.  In fact, United, Delta, and American Airlines all use IATA's tool.

Bottom line

While most of us won't be (or maybe shouldn't be) traveling any time soon, this is a good tool for people who may be planning summer trips.  Even with all the airline and hotel travel waivers that allow for changes and cancellations without a penalty, it's always important to check your destination's travel restrictions prior to booking your travel plans.

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