Amex Offer for $20 off $100 gift cards

Level of difficulty: easy

There is currently an Amex Offer for $20 off $100+ purchase at, which is a wedding gift registry website that anyone can make purchases with.  Zola sells a bunch of 3rd party gift cards, such as Uber, Home Depot, Lowe's, Doordash, Southwest, Delta, AirBNB, Hulu, and much more.  So with this Amex Offer, you'll be able to easily score 20% off these 3rd party gift cards.

And no, you don't actually have to contribute to a wedding gift registry to make a purchase.  Just simply click the "Add To Cart" link instead of the "Add To Registry" link of the gift card that you want and checkout with your Amex card.  Remember to first add the Amex Offer to your Amex online account before completing your order.

Quick thoughts

This is an easy $20 or 20% off the many 3rd party gift cards that Zola sells.  Keep in mind that Amex Offers are now restricted to one per individual regardless of how many Amex cards the individual has.  However, if you have additional card holders on your Amex account, then the additional members would also be eligible for the Amex Offer despite technically being on the same account.

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