Amex extends sign-up bonus spending periods by an additional 3 months

In a gesture of goodwill due to the ever-worsening impact of COVID-19, American Express has extended the sign-up bonus spending periods for all their consumer (personal) and business card holders who applied or will apply for an Amex card between December 1, 2019 through May 31, 2020.  For most of their cards, Amex allows for 3 months to meet the established spending threshold in order to be eligible for the sign-up bonus.  This additional 3-month extension is especially helpful for those with cards with large spending thresholds like Business Platinum card, which requires $15k in spending in 3 months to get the 75,000 MR bonus.

The nice thing about this offer is that those who applied in December 2019 and didn't meet the spending requirement now have a second chance to meet the spending threshold.  Also, it's great to see this extension applying to new applicants though May 31.  So the months of April and May may be good times for those looking to apply for Amex cards in that they'll now have 6 months to meet the sign-up bonus spending threshold.

Quick thoughts

It's great to see Amex extending the sign-up bonus spending time period for all their cards both to existing and new applicants.  An additional 3 months should allow for card holders who struggle to meet spending thresholds, particularly with cards with bigger spending requirements.

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