Quick gym review: Flamingo Hotel fitness center

The Flamingo is one of the first hotels built on the Las Vegas strip.  The resort has gone through many renovations since the Elvis and Wayne Newton days, though the exterior and signage all retain the same classic design.  The Flamingo's fitness center is located on the first floor along with its spa in the mall walk area.

The gym has an abundance of weighted machines for pretty much all your major muscle groups.  The two cable cross sets also allow for versatility for your strength training.

The dumbbells go up to 75 lb, which doesn't cut it for chest and back, but is good enough for pretty much everything else.  There is a smith machine (aka. barbell training wheels), but unfortunately no power rack, squat rack, or bench press.  Based on the wear of the dumbbells and plates, I wouldn't be surprised if the free weights are the same ones that Frank Sinatra used.

The cardio machines consisted of treadmills, stationary bikes, and stairmasters.  There are also two spin bikes which are good for HIIT.

Lastly, the gym has a small functional training and stretching area with mats and medicine balls, but unfortunately no battle ropes for HIIT.

Quick thoughts

For a discount hotel far past its prime on the strip, the Flamingo has a surprisingly good gym for a hotel.  It had far more equipment than the Mandalay Bay's gym, and the free adjacent spa was a good place to chill (or warm up) post-workout.  I was able to get a leg workout in on the smith machine, which should not be considered a crime since there wasn't a squat or power rack.


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