Japan Airlines giving away free domestic tickets

In February, Japan Airlines (JAL) is launching a promo to give out 100,000 free tickets for overseas visitors to Japan in summer 2020.  The application window for the free domestic tickets opens in late February 2020, and is limited to travel between July 1 and September 30, which encompasses the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games.  Here are the terms and conditions:

  • Travel period: July 1-September 30, 2020
  • Must be an overseas visitor in Japan within the June 1-October 31, 2020 time period
  • This campaign provides “round-trip air tickets”, so the number of available passengers is “maximum 50,000”
  • There are a limited number of available seats, so in some cases no destinations will be shown
  • Free domestic flights depart from / return to Tokyo (Haneda) and Osaka (Itami / Kansai) only

To apply for the free tickets, you'll need a free JAL Mileage Bank account.  During the application period in February, go to the "Win a Trip" with JAL application screen, and JAL will show you 4 possible destinations out of Tokyo or Osaka.  And within 3 days of your application, JAL will inform you of the exact location being offered to you for free assuming you've won.

Quick thoughts

This is a pretty solid promo for those visiting Japan in summer 2020.  I suspect that the 100,000 free tickets will be claimed pretty quickly given the sheer number of visitors to Japan for the Olympic games.  JAL has yet to disclose what 4 free destinations will be offered to applicants, but they can literally be anywhere in Japan since HND is their central hub and HQ.  If you're planning on visiting Japan next summer, I would highly recommend applying for this promo to see if you can score some free tickets.


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