Costco now selling Lyft gift cards

Costco has long sold discounted gift cards, tickets, passes, and gym memberships, including 2-year memberships to 24 Hour Fitness that are less than half the club rates.  New to the list are Lyft gift cards, with $200 in value for $169.99.  The Lyft eVouchers are available online to Costco members only and come in the form of four $50 credits which do not expire and can be used on all Lyft rides.  You can buy them here.

Although it may seem as a hassle in having four $50 gift cards instead of one $200 voucher, the advantage is that you can spread the vouchers across multiple accounts and add them to your account on an as-needed basis so that you don't just have a massive balance in one account.

Lyft Credit Information:
  • Receive four (4) $50 Lyft credit codes
  • Lyft credit can be used for all Lyft rideshares, but not Lyft Bikes and Scooters
  • Lyft credit will not expire
  • Redeemable only via the Lyft application. Once redeemed in the Lyft app, the Lyft credit codes are not transferable.
  • Lyft gift cards can be used on all Lyft rides in the US. Lyft users in Canada cannot purchase or use gift cards at this time.
  • Terms and restrictions apply.

Quick thoughts

This is a welcome addition to Costco's discounted gift cards.  These Lyft eVouchers essentially knock 15% off on your rides, and they can be combined with other Lyft promos since the eVouchers are considered a form of payment.  It's also convenient that Costco sells them online, allowing them to be electronically delivered over e-mail within an hour of purchase.  So if you're out and about and plan to use Lyft, you can hop onto Costco's website and buy and essentially redeem them on the spot.  Are you going to be buying any Lyft eVouchers from Costco?


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