84-year-old lady challenges TSA agent . . . to a push-up contest!

We've all heard of stories of passengers challenging the authority of TSA agents, especially the rude and over-arching ones.  This time, an 84-year-old Army vet challenged a TSA agent at Phoenix Sky-Harbor Airport . . . to a push-up contest!  Lieutenant Colonel Maggie DeSanti, who is a former Army Nurse and Vietnam veteran who jumped off helicopters to treat wounded soldiers in Vietnam, was flying from PHX do Washington D.C. when she challenged a TSA agent to do 10 push-ups, which the agent agreed to:

After completing all 10 push-ups, Maggie received a round of applause and a hug from the TSA agent.  She was scheduled to fly on an Honor Flight , which is a non-profit group that flies veterans to D.C. to see the memorials of the war(s) in which they fought.

Age is definitely but a number for this badass vet!  If I can muster to do 10 push-ups at the age of 84 or even be alive at that age, then I think I'd be happy.  Forget about biz class!

H/T: Live and Let's Fly


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