Insane Vegas hotel deals via the Chase Luxury Hotel Collection

The Chase Luxury Hotel Collection (LHC) is a hotel booking portal available to all Chase credit cardholders.  The search engine has access to over 1,000 upscale hotels worldwide, and while the rates are typically the same as booking directly with the hotel, Chase adds on valuable benefits on all bookings including free daily breakfast for 2, free WiFi, a room upgrade, early check-in, late checkout, and a special benefit unique to each property.  These benefits can really add up and more than compensate for the actual booking cost, especially in Las Vegas where the upscale resorts are cheap as they rely heavily on gambling revenue.

The unique property benefit at most Vegas resorts is typically a $100 food and beverage or spa credit.  And seeing how mid-scale resorts like the MGM Grand, Delano, and Mandalay Bay regularly offer weekday rates of <$100, the unique property benefit alone more than covers for the cost of the room rate.

And if that's not sweet enough, you still get free breakfast, a room upgrade, etc., so you may even find it challenging to use up the $100 food and beverage credit if you're staying for only one night.  Fortunately, with complimentary early check-in and late checkout, you can swing it and eat lunch the day of checkout and even lunch the day of check-in.  And if you're "fancy" enough and intend on staying 2 nights in Vegas, you can even double down and book one night at the Mandalay Bay and one night at the adjacent Delano for a total of $200 food and beverage credits.  These hotels also have outfitted gyms, which will be a good way for you to mitigate the caloric "damage" from all those food and drink credits.  Just remember that you can't out-exercise a bad diet, so even all those hours in the gym can't offset this:
Mandalay Bay's Citizens Kitchen and Bar offers cheater foods 24/7 for you to use your $100 credit.

Bottom line

If you're ever staying in Vegas, don't forget to use the Chase LHC to score some great benefits to your hotel booking that can more than cover the cost of your room rate.  And if you're staying multiple nights and don't mind hotel hopping, you can double down on many of the benefits by booking with multiple resorts for hundreds of dollars in credits.  You'll likely be over-eating, but most of these resorts have oversized gyms that can help you work off some of the extra calories and cheater meals.

Delano's hotel gym


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