Two new Escape Lounges at Sacramento Int'l Airport

Sacramento International Airport (SMF) has long touted itself as the most on-time airport in Northern California vs. the big 3 Bay Area airports.  And with over 170 daily nonstop flights to over 40 destinations, flyers also have access to many of the domestic options afforded by the Bay Area airports.  For those residing in the Sacramento metropolitan area and the northern Central Valley, SMF is by far the most convenient airport.  The location and moderate traffic also makes flying far less stressful than the likes of SFO and LAX.

SMF has been without any airport lounges since its inception in 1967.  Last year, it was announced that two Escape Lounges would be coming to both Terminal A and B.  The Escape Lounges are now both open, and they look gorgeous.

For those of you unfamiliar with Escape Lounges, they are a lounge group found at smaller airports such as Oakland, Ontario (CA), Minneapolis, Reno, and throughout the U.K.  They often partner with the larger international carriers to grant lounge access for their premium class passengers, which is the case at OAK.  In addition, Amex Platinum and Centurion cardholders and up to two guests get complimentary access with a same-day boarding pass.  They also sell day passes for $40 pre-booked online and $45 in person.

For a U.S. airport lounge, their food offerings are tough to beat, even by the likes of Amex Centurion Lounges.

Pre-flight cheater options

Go for the smoked salmon or the ham and egg cup for your protein

They also publish their food and drink menus online.  The food and most beverages are complimentary with a number of paid premium alcohol selections.

Knowing the flight traffic out of SMF, I wouldn't expect these lounges to suffer the overcrowding that are now the norm at Amex Centurion Lounges.  It also helps that there are lounges post-security in both terminals.

Bottom Line

These Escape Lounges are a nice addition to the ever-expanding SMF airport.  The lounges themselves are great in terms of U.S. lounges, and the convenience of being present post-security at both terminals make them a great stop before your flight, especially if you're hungry for a cheater and salad bite.  If you're flying out of SMF any time soon, I would highly recommend visiting one of these lounges especially if you have the Amex Platinum or Centurion card.

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