Strongman to pull Airbus 380 with his teeth?

Zsolt Sinka, also known as "Popeye", is a Hungarian strongman known for pulling a 50-ton Airbus 320 for 39.2 meters with his teeth at Budapest Airport.  Now, he wants to up the ante and pull the super jumbo A380 with his teeth at the Dubai 2020 World Expo.  Most of us warm up on the treadmill or stationary bike before our workouts, but this insane strongman wants to warm up to the occasion by first pulling a Boeing 777 this year.

“My plan is to set several new Guinness World Records here in Dubai," said Sinka, 38.  "First, I want to try and pull a Boeing 777 with my teeth. Then, next year, during the Dubai 2020 World Expo, I want to pull an Airbus A380. I think it will be a good promotion during the Expo."

Haven already broken more than 35 records of strength and bodybuilding over the past decade, Sinka has also dragging a 90-ton A300 cargo plane across 26 meters and pulling an 80-ton train with his teeth on his resume.  He has also won the world championship twice, and is also a four-time bench press world champion.

To give you an idea of the challenge he's posed to face in Dubai, an empty 555-seater A380 weighs in at a whooping 610,700 lb, which is over 305 tons and 6x the weight of the empty 180-seater A320 he pulled in Budapest.  An empty 301-seater B777 weighs in at about half an A380, so it would be a good warm up for the strongman.

A380 (left) and A320 (right) size comparison

If he pulls off the B777 feat later this year and the A380 at the Dubai 2020 World Expo, then A320s would be breakfast for him.


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