Friday Fitness Tip on the Fly - 15 minutes of fitness

Last week, I covered the value of finding lodgings that have adequate fitness facilities or that are close to a gym.  Today's Friday Fitness Tip on the Fly will take just 15 minutes of your time, literally.  Everyone is busy, and it gets even more compounded when you're traveling.  The daily 1 1/2 hours that you dedicate to exercise has now been taken by a business meeting/dinner or your boat tour of New Zealand's Milford Sound.  So as much as you want to hit your hotel's gym, you just don't have that hour to spare anymore with all these back-to-back meetings and tours.  But what if you had just 15 minutes?

With the proper exercises and movements, you could actually accomplish quite a lot in 15 minutes.  Think about how you feel just after 2 sets of maxing out on squats and deadlifts, which takes no more than 10 minutes.  Now lighten the load, reduce your rest, and go for 15 minutes.  Already sounds like a doozy, doesn't it?  But that's a good thing since in 15 minutes, you just gave your muscles a reason to stay while burning a ton of calories.

No free weights available?  Well, you've got your bodyweight.  Try doing 15 minutes of straight burpees, lunges, push ups, air squats, and bicycle crunches.  You'll probably feel more tired than after 1 1/2 hours of exercise.  Once again, that's a good thing since you just torched a bunch of calories while utilizing multiple muscle groups.

Mike Chang has a short and simple solution for "accidentally" cheating this past weekend with burgers and fries

In 15 minutes time, I have burned as many as 300 calories on the spin bike.  Admittedly so, it was the hardest and longest 15 minutes of my life, and I felt like I was sweating blood.  But that's all the time I had for exercise that day, and it surely got the job done.

Think you can keep up with Amy?

Bottom line

We all like taking our time in the gym since we're accustomed to our workouts, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we can still push ourselves even when we feel like we're out of time.  If you've only got 30 minutes between the time you got off work and that work dinner, try jumping on a spin bike or treadmill, or get down and dirty with those burpees.

When it comes to exercise, something is better than nothing, so as long as you don't injure or kill yourself.  You're more likely to be "stuck" with cheater meals while on the fly, so it's good to get these 15-minute calorie killers in, especially when you're short on time.


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